Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas is over for another year, and after the holiday I went to the store and checked out all the Christmas decorations, then on sale 50% off. I noticed there were almost no holiday decorations about the birth of Christ. How sad that the real reason for Christmas has been all but lost to most Americans. The picture I've included here is of a plastic nativity scene I recently purchased. It is 40 or 50 years old. It's like the nativity scenes sold back when I was a kid. Kathy's mom had one similar to this one. They were very common and inexpensive. Back then I remember more people having nativity scenes up at Christmas. I love nativity scenes, they help me focus on the unimaginable thing God did for mankind back at the first Christmas. He became man and was born in the lowliest place - a dirty stable out behind an inn. Jesus left His glory in Heaven and became man - but not only did He become man he became a baby and experienced life in all ways. As hard as I try I cannot comprehend this sacrifice God made for me. Oh what love! I want to spend eternity getting to know Him more and honoring Him for what He has done for me - for all mankind!

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  1. We couldn't find a Nativity Scene this year. My brothers and I used to call it The CrĂȘche. My mother says I can have my Mimere's (Grandmother's) for next year. One of my favorite memories is of going to Mimere's house and organizing The CrĂȘche for her. The kids and I made one this year for school out of craft supplies. Wonderful blog. When I think Christmas. That's the first thing that pops up in my head.